If you’re a parent who wants to raise children with a positive outlook on life and learning, I highly recommend Dr. Singh’s book. Her practical methods for improving your parenting skills are top-notch, covering everything from creating a nurturing environment for your child to understanding the long-term effects of your parenting approach. I’ve personally applied several of her strategies and can confidently say that my three children have grown into well-adjusted, versatile individuals who are capable of leading healthy lifestyles. Thank you, Dr. Singh! Lisa Epps MS, LPC, MBA

Dr. Singh has been a skilled, knowledgeable professional to talk with, which has made my family life feel more peaceful. I’m always better informed after each session. I love that I walk away from every coaching session with actionable tips and tricks to use in various parenting situations, including interactions with my husband. Thank you, Dr. Singh! Amy J. CFA, mother of 5 and 11 year olds

I highly recommend Dr. Meenakshi Singh. She is a great resource, teacher and mentor to my kids. She will take your kid under her wing and personally make sure they succeed. It’s worth every penny you invest with Meenakshi. She is the owner of Smarts Club in Frisco. She is an author and now a college counselor. She will spend more time with your kid then KD will. My personal opinion but I blindly trust Meenakshi. RIna MC, Account Manager, mother of 16, 13 and 10 year olds

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